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Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Highland Park house of your dreams just sold for $50,000 over its asking price

Many Highland Park residents, including the blogger at 90042, have watched the transformation of a worn out bungalow at the corner of Avenue 61 and Piedmont Avenue into a "Highland Park Dream Home." After 3-1/2 month renovation, the owners of the 1921 bungalow put the house on the market for $399,000 in a real estate flip (The house sold for $175,000 in June, according to Trulia.) Five bids were submitted by the end of Monday for the three-bedroom house. By Wednesday, the owners had accepted an offer of more than $450,000, said real estate agent and Highland Park resident Rob Hanson, who advised the owners on the renovation as an unpaid "flip consultant."

There is a solid back up offer in the wings, said Hanson. "I'm stilll getting several phone calls a day on it."

Photo from Rob Hanson

1 comment:

  1. We are so happy to see the bungalow get a new life, my business is next door and prior it was a continual "garage sale" to hide the drug dealing, roosters/chickens needing care and ner'r do wells on the porch all day..Great job to the renovators. Thanks.