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Friday, October 16, 2009

Echo Park condo living comes to busy Sunset Boulevard

There's a bus stop outside the front door. The back entrance is not that inviting either, with a narrow alley running past abandoned furniture and abandoned-looking houses. But in the middle of this noisy and somewhat chaotic section of Echo Park rises a serene and orderly cluster of buildings clad in carefully selected designer colors, corrugated metal and concrete block: The Sunset Five. It's Echo Park's newest condo project that recently went on the market. How much will it cost you to live on Sunset Boulevard with views of the Hollywood sign in the distance and Little Joy Jr. across the street?

Prices in the five-unit complex at Sunset Boulevard and Portia Street range from $495,000 to $645,000, according to the listing. The project, designed by Chasen Architecture of Santa Monica, features open plan units with up to 1,700-square feet of space on as many as three levels.

The Sunset Five along with a loft-style apartment building a few blocks east near Sunset and Alvarado will test the demand for high-priced housing on Echo Park's busy main streets.


  1. Hmmm. Not worth it to me.

    I was very sorry to see the public art installation that was there replaced by this building. We need more art and less overpriced condo/loft monstrosities in Echo Park.

  2. tear it down!! Curse the property owners!

  3. Why shouldn't Echo Park open its doors to some modern architecture? I think these are taste condos are a tasteful addition to a very eclectic area. Just wish they were more affordable...

  4. Overpriced, yes. Montrosity, no.

  5. I didn't think that site was very attractive for public art - it was like looking into a monkey cage at an old fashioned zoo. I think the condos are very well designed given the difficulties of the site. They are nicer than a lot of the 'art' I've seen around Echo Park lately.

  6. get used to it. Gentrifloftation is here to stay.

    Quit bitching and embrace change. it will lower your blood pressure.
    and who knows you might even like the new neighbors.

  7. The bus stop outside this building is often OVERLOOKED by busdrivers driving east on Sunset Blvd because the grass plantings in front of the building OBSCURE THE BUS STOP.

    I catch the bus in front of this building every morning (or try to) and I often have to stand out in the middle of Sunset Blvd. to flag the bus down. I cannot believe that the Chasen Architecture didn't notice that their little strip of cosmetic tall grass causes this problem THE ENTIRE TIME THEY WERE PUTTING IT IN. The short strip of grass is located smack in front of the curb where the 2 and 4 lines stop opposite Portia St.--the ONLY AREA OF CURB where buses need to pull over.

    When I have to watch my elderly neighbors step over and around the ridiculous grass plantings to get on the bus, I am infuriated. I have been forced to wait for several buses some weekday mornings, when busdrivers skip this stop because they can't see it.

    Thank you for posting this so I know to direct my complaint to Chasen Architecture. Obviously they are completely blind to the simplest of neighborhood logistics, literally outside their door. It is laughable that they tout the convenience of the bus stop as a perk of the building's location. I would bet that no one from Chasen Architecture has ever tried to catch a bus at that stop.

    To me, the fact that they have created this inconvenience for their neighbors, especially elderly neighbors, demonstrates an arrogant disregard for the community in which they hope to make millions of dollars. Thanks, Chasen Architecture. Your slip is showing.

  8. I hate this condo right on Sunset Blvd. The architecture is ugly cardboard looking refrigerator box fortress that glaringly indicates that the residents within this flimsy structure donot want to be a part of Echo Park. This is humiliating structure for the owners of the condos and the residents of Echo Park that walk bythis building every day.