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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Such a deal? Eastside homes for less than $100,000

The real estate market is said to be showing signs of life (at least that's what many home sellers hope.) So, now may be one of those rare times when you can jump into the Eastside housing market for less than $100,000. Of course, you may jump and fall through a rotted wood floor in a Boyle Heights bungalow. But, at this price, you can't be too picky. A recent tour of MLS.com found these trio of homes priced at less than $100K:

Location: Highland Park
Rooms: 1 bedroom, one bath
Price: $99,900
There are water stains on the ceiling and the balcony appears to be big enough for perhaps two chairs. But the seller of this condo at 5036 Echo Street (second photo from the top) is already looking for back up offers.

Location: Angelino Heights
Rooms: 2 bedrooms, one bath
Price: $99,000
The blurb on this probate sale at 1143 Laveta Terrace (top photo) does not mince words: "Major fixer. Won't qualify for financing. Cash buyers only." The photos of ripped up walls are not for the faint of heart.

Location: El Sereno
Rooms: Three bedrooms, one bath
Price: $89,000
This bank-owned, hillside home at 4442 Verdemour Avenue (second photo from the top) is being promoted as "Probably the lowest priced home with a panoramic view like this." The photos don't show that panorama. Instead, you get a big picture of an empty room with scuffed up walls and ceramic tile floors.

Location: Boyle Heights
Rooms: One bedroom, one bath
Price: $85,000
A sad little house at 706 Cornwell St. (bottom photo) near Soto Street and the 10 Freeway does not get any prettier when you take a look at the pathetic pictures. "Property needs major rehab. Property sold for land value only."

Photos from MLS.com

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