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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A look back at Silver Lake's Waverly District

Diane Edwardson at the Corralitas Red Car Property blog is publishing some aerial photos and other images of Silver Lake taken during the 1950s by the late Clarence Inman, a Silver Lake resident who worked for the city's Recreation and Parks Department. Inman lived in the Waverly District on the north end of Silver Lake where the bluffs rise above the Los Angeles River and the 5 Freeway. Click on the 1954 photo above for a view of the Waverly District and the now demolished Monte Sarno hospital and Red Car Line substation, located near Waverly Drive and Glendale Boulevard. More photos on the Corralitas Red Car Property blog.

Photo from the Clarence Inman Collection/Corralitas Red Car Property

1 comment:

  1. what a great image. i lived off of waverly dr (about 3 houses to right of where the image cuts off) in the 80s so the hospital had already burned down. it's great to see what it looked like before all the changes. thanks!