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Monday, August 24, 2009

A forgotten Elysian Heights artist returns to the spotlight - at least for one month

The cover of the September issue of Westways magazine features the black-and-white print of a well known local landmark - the Glendale-Hyperion bridge - created by an artist far fewer residents will recognize: Paul Landacre. The legacy of the artist who lived in the Elysian Heights section of Echo Park - or, as Westways describes it, "east of Silver Lake" - has been mostly forgotten by the general public. But Landacre (1893-1963) was at one time regarded as one of the nation's top wood engravers, whose dramatic black-and-white prints were featured in Westways and other publications (the September Westways story is not yet online).

Landacre carved wood blocks by hand in his home and studio, a small cabin on a narrow, winding street called El Moran. He and his wife, Margaret, moved into the house in the early 1930s and lived their until they died more than 30 years later, according to the Echo Park Historical Society. The wooded hillsides provided Landacre not only refuge but inspiration for his environmental pieces. The house was declared a City of Los Angeles Cultural Historic Monument in 2006.

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  1. It erked me to see Echo Park listed as Silverlake, another foe-pas I guess. The land below Landarces is the Spiritualist Tract, 3 or so acars of what was to be developed land. Developer was Henry Nunez with Victor Griego as partner. Looks like financing has been a problem. Happy to see it still open land. Will Garcetti's Land Trust non-profit, end up buying the land??? Good question..