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Monday, July 6, 2009

So, these are corbels

The extensive renovation of the landmark Jensen's Recreation Center in Echo Park involves projects big and small, from the installation of new steel columns for seismic strengthening to the recreation of decorative brackets called corbels. The original brackets located in the corners of the windows were handmade out of heavy terra cotta and hung from a wire set into the mortar, said project manager Gerret Wikoff from CTL Construction.

Seven of the brackets were missing from the 1921 building and had to be recreated. How? In this case, a cast was made from an original corbel and the duplicates were made out of light weight compounds. As a result, the replacements can be attached to those corners with only a mixture of mortar. But why even bother replacing these brackets in the first place? Well, details are important, said Wikoff, who is also replacing the glass tile windows above the store fronts.

"The owners are trying to bring it back to its original glory."

Photo from Historic Echo Park

1 comment:

  1. I love architectural corbels, because they add so much character to the building. Whether you use corbels inside your home or outside you will definitely be making a statement.

    Love the images!