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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A safe but lonely place for Victorian Los Angeles

Several grand Victorian-era homes and structures from around Los Angeles have escaped the bulldozer and found refuge inside the confines of Heritage Square Museum in Lincoln Heights. But this cluster of historic buildings in different stages of renovation do seem out of place sitting alongside the 110 Freeway in what resembles a Victorian-era theme park. The blogger at Doves Today expressed mixed feelings during a recent visit:
"It's wonderful that the [Heritage Square Museum ] Foundation is doing such work, but at the same time, the place feels a little lonely, compared to Angelino Heights, which is home to real living families. Here, the historic houses sit silently, fenced away from their neighbors - whose small turn-of-the-century bungalows show the kind of haphazard alterations that were stripped away from these homes after they were donated to the museum. I wondered as I walked to where we parked - what if there were some way to help the owners of these small houses beautify them, and make the whole neighborhood an example of real historic preservation?"
Photo from Doves Today

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  1. Maybe you should check out the schedule of events - 1,100 people showed up on Museums of the Arroyo Day alone. Visit heritagesquare.blogspot.com to see just a few of the things going on. Or stop by on July 16th when Mariachi Divas come by, then lets compare.