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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Putting some teeth into the city's preservation laws

Many people are under the belief that Los Angeles' historic cultural monuments are protected from demolition. That's the not case. But that might change under a proposal to overhaul the city's preservation laws, which could have a big impact on old Eastside neighborhoods with many existing and potential landmark buildings and sites. The city's Planning Commission will take up the changes on Thursday. Property owners would still be allowed to demolish their building if they proved economic hardship or their appeal is approved by the full city council. Still, some owners are already complaining, according to the LA Times.

"The city is now dramatically changing the rules and, I believe, usurping major property rights," said Karen L. Hathaway, chief executive of Laaco Ltd., which owns the Los Angeles Athletic Club."

The Los Angeles Conservancy is already calling out the troops in anticipation of strong opposition from property owners.

More coverage in the Downtown News.

Photo from the City of Los Angeles website.

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